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maintenance staff

The Northern Lebanon School District takes pride in maintaining clean and safe buildings and facilities for all students and staff. The building and grounds staff is led by Mason Brehm, Director of Building and Grounds.  Mason works hard, along with his staff to keep learning spaces, offices, and athletic fields fully operational, regardless of weather conditions.

For questions related to maintenance, building and grounds support, please contact Mason Brehm!



After recommended maintenance, drinking water outlets have been re-tested and are within the recommended ePA levels.

As part of our Buildings and Grounds maintenance, our drinking water outlets are tested annually.  We recently received results from Pure-Test Laboratory, an independent and state certified group that specializes in water testing, regarding the 46 outlets tested.

Please see the information below regarding the testing results:



  • The threshold used at the recommendation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is 15 Parts per Billion (PPB)

  • This is a flush sampling.

  • Out of the 46 outlets tested, 3 have failed testing: 2 at Jonestown Elementary and 1 at East Hanover Elementary.  These have been withdrawn from service until the post remediation has been completed. Before resuming service, the outlet testing will need to meet the EPA recommendation of less than 15 PPB.

  • Jonestown Elementary – Drinking fountains in classrooms 31 and 28

  • East Hanover Elementary – Drinking fountains in classroom 6

The District will continue testing our water outlets annually to ensure that students, employees, and guests can have confidence in the water quality at each of our buildings. If you have a private well and are interested in learning more about water testing, please visit: