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Vaping - Juul

I wanted to take a few minutes to make our district parents aware of a not so new national trend, e-cigarettes. The consumption of e-cigarettes is often called “vaping” or “Juuling”. The latter is actually derived from the name of the manufacturer of the device, Juul. The significant difference between an ordinary vaping device and a Juul device is the look. A Juul device, in many ways, and to not so inquisitive eyes, very closely resembles a computer thumb drive. In fact, the Juul device can be plugged into a computer USB port to be charged.

While the long term effects of vaping or Juuling is not yet known, it is becoming more evident that the outlook is grim. As explained in some of the links provided below, the chemicals that make up “vape juice” are very toxic. The “vape juice” may often also contain flavoring attractive to youth, nicotine, and marihuana. The “vape juice” is put into the device where it is heated into vapor and inhaled into the lungs. For some reason people view e-cigarettes as less dangerous than cigarettes. Remember, before we discovered the hard way that cigarettes were deadly, society thought they were fabulous. And make no mistake, “vaping” is happening in Northern Lebanon.