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Performance Objectives

2020-2021 Performance Objectives

Organizational Leadership

  1. The superintendent works collaboratively with stakeholders to develop a clear vision and mission for the school district as well as a long-range (5-10 year) plan.  This plan will be utilized as the plan submitted to PDE.

Instructional Leadership

2.  The superintendent will provide instructional leadership in the area of assessment for grades K-8.  This will include identifying benchmark and diagnostic assessments that will be utilized for students in these grade levels.  In addition, procedures will be established as well as improvement in the data analysis of these assessments.


3. The superintendent will establish administrative procedures related to communication with the public.  This includes procedures for the use of social media, procedures for keeping the website updated, and procedures to ensure timely communication of information.   



2019-2020 Performance Objectives

Organizational Leadership

1. During the 2019-2020 school year, the District Superintendent will meet with stakeholders including Board members, administrators, teachers, parents, and community members to identify and report to the Board feedback from the stakeholders on the strengths and areas needing improvement. Subject to the Board's approval, this information will serve as a foundation for the establishment of the long-term goals for the District in the areas including but not limited to curriculum and instruction, climate and culture, communication, organizational structure, and technology.

Met Objective



2. The District Superintendent will evaluate the District's policies, procedures, and facilities to assess the District's safety readiness and present a report to the Board by June 30, 2020. Subject to the Board's approval and funding, action consistent with the report's findings shall be taken to enhance the safety of all students and staff of the District.

Met Objective



3. The District Superintendent will prepare and present a balanced budget to the Board for approval by June 30 of each school year.

Met Objective