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Device Tips for the Summer


The best way to store your device is to store it in a safe place to prevent breakage and and/or theft. Use the Chromebook sleeve and keep it protected at all times when not in use. Store the device in a room with moderate temperature between 50-80 degrees.

Restart for updates

Be sure to perform restarts from time to time to receive all of the latest Chromebook updates.

Connect to Wifi

Be sure to connect to Smoothwall (District Content Filter) when trying to access the Internet. This can be done by going to the NL Bookmarks folder. Check out the step by step tutorial on Connecting to Wifi Using a Chromebook.

Tech Support

Tech Support will be available over the summer. Students may drop-off their Chromebook during the hours of 8AM - 3PM, Monday through Thursday. Students will drop off their device at the MS Main Office and complete a form for service/repair. Please expect a delay in turn around due to the busy summer hours of technology services.