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NCAA Eligibility

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is the governing organization for collegiate athletics regarding established rules on eligibility, recruiting, and financial aid. The NCAA includes Division I, Division II, and Division III colleges and universities. Athletic scholarships are offered through Division I and II institutions. High school athletes planning to participate in collegiate sports during their first year of college enrollment must register with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. Online registration is preferred at High school students typically register with the clearinghouse after the start of 12th grade. The clearinghouse determines a prospective athlete’s academic eligibility for athletic participation at Division I or II institutions. There are specific academic requirements that must be met for Division I and II to become a qualifier for athletic participation. Requirements include completion of core courses as approved by the NCAA with a required core-course grade point average and SAT or ACT test score. Students do not need to be qualified through the NCAA Clearinghouse for Division III institutions.

Further information, including specific GPA and test score requirements, special conditions for students with disabilities, and Northern Lebanon High School’s core-course list, is available at the NCAA’s official website and in the high school guidance office. Consult with your school counselor regarding this process (High School Guidance).

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