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Chris Reis


Chris Reis graduated from NL in 2008. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Bloomsburg University. After completing his degree, Reis successfully opened a State Farm Agency in August of 2015. He currently runs the agency with four employees, managing over 2,000 auto policies and over $2 million in premiums annually. In 2017, Reis ran for City Council in the City of Sunbury and was the top vote earner. He is currently one of four City Council members for the City of Sunbury, which has just under 10,000 residents. As the head of the Department of Streets and Public Improvements, Reis oversees all of the roads and public works for the city, which includes an upcoming $1.8 million roadway project to stop flooding problems. In addition, Reis serves as the treasurer for Sunbury Revitalization Inc., vice president of the Sunbury Rotary Club, a board member of the Degenstein Community Library, is part of the Central Susquehanna Riverboat Society. He is also proud to serve as a committee member for the United Way Teen Impact Council, which strives to provide opportunities to teens by helping them graduate from high school, go to college, get a job, etc.

Reis currently resides in Sunbury, PA with his wife of five years, Emily, and their three-year-old son, Owen. They are anticipating the arrival of their second son in March. Reis enjoys volunteering in his community and taking part in the Brews on Lake Augusta Wine and Brew Fest. In his free time, he likes to golf, watch sports, and spend time with his family. The thing that Reis most appreciated about his time at NL was “the freedom the teachers gave the students. I was the kind that never really enjoyed a classroom setting but was a good test taker, and the teachers knew I could grasp the material quickly; there were many times where teachers would allow flexibility in being able to do things for other projects and other classes that I appreciated, especially Ms. Masser and Mr. Reist, who dealt with that a lot.” The following is Reis’ advice for current NL students: Be prepared to be flexible in the life you will lead in the future. A lot of people I went to school with, including myself, thought they had things planned coming out of high school and then out of college, but things will typically be much different than you expect. I never once during school thought that I would have a career in selling insurance or being a member of the political community but as opportunities present themselves you have to be ready to take them and make the most of them at any moment. Also, be a part of your community. With all of the things I am involved in now, it is amazing the connections and resources you can build by giving back to your community. You don’t think about that too much in high school but if you are involved when you’re young it will translate over more easily as you get older. Looking back, that is one thing I wish I would have done more of in high school.

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