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Daymon Long


Daymon Long graduated from NL in 2014. He graduated from Point Park University in 2017 and is a freelance film and video producer. During the summer after he graduated with a degree in film, Long was involved in producing a feature film. He has produced several documentaries, including a promotional film for Engineers Without Borders. Long’s film background has afforded him opportunities to travel to LA, Denver, Ecuador, and other locations, and he looks forward to many more adventures.

Long currently lives on the road in an RV as part of his work with the company Roadtrip Nation, a company that develops programs to help students explore career options. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching shows and movies on Netflix that nobody else watches, listening to entrepreneur podcasts, and reading good books. He has recently discovered the world of rock climbing. The thing that Long most appreciated about his time at NL was that “NL provided me creatively based classes that let me form a foundation for my creative vision.” The following is Long’s advice for current NL students: Block out the noise of people telling you certain career paths aren't possible. Think about the things you love, and make that work for your career. Put your passions at the forefront and think logically about the real steps you can take RIGHT NOW, to make things happen. Opportunities are out there, but nobody is going to just hand them to you. Go and talk to people who are doing what you want to do. I promise you they will be a wealth of knowledge.

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