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Logan Dohner


Logan (Erbach) Dohner graduated from Northern Lebanon in 2012. She attended Shippensburg University and graduated in December 2016 with dual Bachelor’s degrees in Early Childhood Education PreK-4 and Special Education PreK-8. She is enrolled currently in a Master’s program at Shippensburg University, and plans to graduate with a Masters of Reading Specialist degree in December of 2020. Dohner has taught first grade at Harding Elementary School in the Lebanon School District for two years. She teaches a class of 28 students in an urban setting and enjoys incorporating song and dance into the school day. Her team of first grade teachers give her a sense of family and make coming to work a labor of love. Dohner says, “You can catch me telling my students to ‘work hard and be nice’ every single day.”

Dohner currently resides in Annville, PA with her husband Jason, whom she married on May 12th, 2018. She enjoys thrifting at all the local thrift stores in Lebanon county, doing yoga each morning to start my day, and organizing her home, classroom, and life. Relationships are a priority for Dohner, and during the summer, she uses her break from school to spend extra time with the Erbach and Dohner families. On Saturdays, she connects with her life-long friend, Emily Billips (recently they have been making plans for Billips’ upcoming wedding), and when she can find time, Dohner enjoys getting together with friends from her childhood and college. She and her husband go for walks around their neighborhood and are currently living/working in a “fixer-upper” home, waiting for Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV to give them an upgrade!

Reflecting on her time at NL, Dohner says, “Northern Lebanon brought me some of my lifelong friendships and everlasting memories. Molly Masser was an incredible influence for me during my time on her musical stage and chorus classes. She was a true asset to NL and made coming to school worth it. I feel a little bit of Molly coming out of me when I teach as if I am performing on stage. I must also say how Señora Gretchen Stoddard always empowered me to see the good in people. She told me a quote when I was a Senior in her Spanish 5 class that I still remember to this day: ‘In 50 years, someone won’t remember the clothes you wore or the shoes you wore, but they will remember how you made them feel.’ She has a kind heart and grace, and I use a little bit of that in my own classroom. I loved being a cheerleader and having an amazing team of skilled individuals and coaching staff who genuinely cared about each other. I continued to cheer for 2 more years in college for Shippensburg University.”

The following is Dohner’s advice for current NL students: Don’t blink. Before you know it, you will be building a life with someone you love, putting in hours at a career that hopefully brings you joy, and having limited time to breathe. High school is a time to still be a “kid” and enjoy the little moments as they are happening in front of you. Take advantage of signing up for a part in the musical. Go to your school dances, even if you have two left feet. Grab a hoodie and sit in the stands for Friday night football games. Take pictures; lots and lots of pictures. Build relationships with people who you can envision being in your life seven years from now. Embrace everything in the moment, because one day you will be sitting in your quiet sun porch, reading and devoting, and that memory of those high school girls who would sing the Red Robin- themed song Happy Birthday to a student in the cafeteria, in front of everyone, flashes just for a second. You will laugh and remember; oh yeah…that was me.

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