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Lucas Gienow


Lucas Gienow graduated from NL in 2012. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Music Recording Technology from Lebanon Valley College in 2016. After his junior year, Gienow interned at a recording studio in Nashville, TN, where he was able to network and connect with key people in the music industry who have become his mentors. Through his internship, Gienow discovered his passion: becoming a full-time musician and songwriter. Currently he works as the staff engineer and studio manager at a recording studio in Lancaster, PA called The Sugartank. He also plays in an Alternative/Pop band in Lancaster called Nearly York. The band released its first original 11-song album in June of 2018, called "Time Alone," and has been touring around Lancaster, Harrisburg and Philadelphia. Gienow also flies down to Nashville for week-long writing trips on a bi-monthly basis to pursue his songwriting goals.

Gienow currently resides in Lititz, PA and is engaged to his girlfriend of two years, Kori. He enjoys pick-up sports; playing Xbox, PC games, and Fantasy Football; and watching Hulu. He looks forward to someday owning a rescued Shar Pei dog. Gienow also values time spent investigating wise financial investments, and comments, “Taking the time to understand money when you're young is a huge asset for anyone who is looking to be financially independent as soon as possible.” The thing that Gienow most appreciated about his time at NL was “Molly Masser and the music department. I would visit her room before and during homeroom, during lunch, and after school hours. I was always in the musicals and plays, and I would usually show up to rehearsals even if I personally wasn't running anything that day. She was a mentor to all of us in so many ways. She was the reason I believed in myself as a vocalist and had enough courage to even audition to go to school for music.” The following is Gienow’s advice for current NL students: When I was a senior in high school I was in a serious relationship. I had at least 8 friends that I thought I'd stay in regular contact with for life and I wanted to try play baseball professionally as a pitcher. All of that had changed by the end of my freshman year at LVC. The world gets so much bigger in ways that you cannot anticipate when you walk out of those doors for the last time as an NL student. Enjoy yourself while you're there, and understand that you don't have to have your life figured out at 18; there's way more time than you think for that to happen.

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