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Mason & Kortney Yost


Viking for Life: Couples Edition!

Mason and Kortney (Adams) Yost graduated from NL in 2015. Kortney went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Social Studies Education from Penn State Harrisburg-The Capital College in December of 2018. She recalls choosing this path because of NL teacher Dan Hess, “A man who impacted my life so greatly that I wanted to be ‘just like him.’ He transformed my way of thinking and my view of education in his psychology and sociology course that I took my senior year.” Hess’ inspiration led Kortney to return to NL and teach the same class that so greatly impacted her. “I was welcomed with open arms by Dan and all of the NL staff to complete my degree and student teach with him. This was one of the most incredible and inspiring experiences I could have ever asked for as a student and educator. I can only hope that one day I will have a student that looks up to me as much as I do Dan.” Aside from furthering her education, Kortney also briefly ventured into the small business world and sold clothing (LuLaRoe) for just over a year. She began this business with the help of former eighth-grade teacher, Margaret Miller, who took Kortney under her wing as a fellow small business owner. This opportunity allowed her to save and invest enough money while in college to later flip a home with Mason, where they now live. At this time, Kortney enjoys being a district wide substitute at NL while searching for a full-time job.

Since high school, Mason has experimented with careers and discovered a passion for real estate. He has had his real estate license for almost two years and finds great joy in helping others find a home. Mason also works full-time at a distribution center, where he is climbing the corporate ladder and making great strides. He would encourage students to think about their decision to go to college, making sure it’s for the right reasons, and not just because everyone else is. Education is important to Mason, but he has found that his own path, which led directly to the work force rather than higher education, has been very fulfilling.

Mason and Kortney were married on August 18th, 2018 and currently reside in Lebanon, PA in a small Cape-Cod style home. They appreciate being close to family, but also having enough distance to enjoy their independence. They have two dogs with whom they love spending time: Theodore, an English Bulldog, and Douglas, a Bernese Mountain Dog. Mason and Kortney also have a shared interest in fixing up homes; Mason has a strong desire to work on new projects and try to create new things, while Kortney enjoys decorating, designing, and remodeling their home and other spaces. In the future, they hope to buy more homes to “flip” and one day be Lebanon County’s “Fixer Uppers”! On Sundays, the couple enjoys attending church at Lebanon Area Evangelical Free church and listening to worship music.

During their time at NL, Mason and Kortney appreciated the following: “We are both most thankful for the teachers and staff that have shaped us during and after our time at Northern Lebanon. I, Kortney, have created many great friendships with past educators, all of whom have left a big impact on my heart. I can’t name every single educator who has touched my heart, but to name a few would be Dan Hess, Maryann Guldin, Cynthia Miller, Christin Opreska, Margaret Miller, Kelsey Gruber, and many more. Mason has a great appreciation for the coaches he had while playing sports, who still to this day treat him as family. Brett Gaul, Kris Miller, and Matthew Berdinka taught him discipline, respect, and most importantly, to persevere through any situation, no matter how difficult. The best thing about Northern Lebanon is its staff, past and present. All of the staff in the district have made an everlasting impact on both Mason and I.” The following is their advice for current NL students: Follow your own path. There is no one path that is better than another, but rather, you make the path that you’re on the best it can be. Be careful to follow your own timeline; some of you may want to spend six years in college, while others may want to get married and get a blue-collar job shortly after graduating high school. All of these options are acceptable and responsible if you are doing it for you and only you. Please don’t fall to the expectations that you feel society holds; all of you have the opportunity to make an impact, no matter what path you may choose. Lastly, while you still have the chance, please make sure you are soaking up every second that you have left before graduating school. One day you’ll say that you can’t wait to graduate, and the next you’ll be in the gym bathroom wearing your cap and gown crying because it’s over. And even if you don’t cry when it’s over, you’ll certainly wish you could go to one more basketball game and later get McDonald’s with the student section. These small things mean the most looking back, so don’t forget to embrace it all now.

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