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Megan Brajkovich


Megan Brajkovich graduated from NL in 2012. In 2016, she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design with a dual concentration in Advertising & Graphic Design from Kutztown University. Brajkovich is currently working at an advertising agency in the greater Philadelphia area as a Senior Graphic Designer. She started as a Junior Graphic Designer right out of college and in just 3 short years has worked her way to a Senior position. Brajkovich works with a team of designers and copywriters to create visual communication materials for clients such as logos, social media ads, billboards, print ads, digital ads, web, and more. After a few years of the advertising industry under her belt she plans to return to college and earn a master’s degree to become an Advertising & Design Professor. Brajkovich is currently residing in a small town outside of Philadelphia. One of the things that she loves most in her new-found home is the ability to grab a bite to eat or go see a movie within just a short walking distance. Growing up in Grantville, PA her mailbox was further than the breakfast joint she now visits most Friday mornings.

Brajkovich’s love for art started in elementary school where she would design clothes with a pencil and paper while sitting inside the slide at recess. During her high school years, the art room was a special place. She admired Ms. Zemba’s talent, passion and enthusiasm. Brajkovich will always remember her days spent in that art room. She acknowledges that the fundamentals of art she learned at NL helped her through design school and beyond. Brajkovich would like to thank Ms. Zemba for believing in her and allowing her to explore her talents.

“Always give 110%. It’s the extra 10% that everyone remembers.” -Frank Sonnenberg.

Brajkovich has decided to bring this attitude to her everyday life starting with the first day of college and her job. She confesses that she didn’t try as hard as she could have in high school and found college difficult in the beginning. She realizes now that if you go the extra mile, you will see the results, and it will not go unrewarded or unnoticed. Brajkovich was an average student at NL but managed to make Dean’s List seven out of the eight semesters and placed into the Honors Program at Kutztown University. The following is Brajkovich’s advice for current NL students: If you’re passionate enough about what you want to do, success comes easy. No dream or goal is unreachable if you have the passion to back it up.

Brajkovich feels blessed that since she’s doing what she loves, she will never work a day in her life.

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