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Samantha Shay


Samantha Shay graduated from Northern Lebanon in 2013. She earned a BA in Psychology and a BS in Criminal Justice from Adelphi University Honors College in 2017. In 2018, she completed an MA in Psychology from Adelphi University Derner Institute of Psychology. Shay has conducted and published original research on how parenting and emotion socialization strategies affect conduct problems in children. She interned for the Special Operations, Narcotics, and Gangs division of the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. Through her years of service as a state and national pageant titleholder, Shay had the opportunity to promote her platform of Mental Health Care Reform, along with hundreds of other organizations and not-for-profits. She also signed a contract with MMG Models New York, landing work on various TV and film productions, including an appearance in the recent movie Ocean's Eight. Recently Shay began a career as an executive assistant to the Head of Securitized Markets Group at Jefferies, LLC, one of the largest investment banks on Wall Street.

Shay currently resides in New York, NY. The things that Shay most appreciated about her time at NL were the community and staff. The following is Shay’s advice for current NL students: You’re not supposed to have your entire life figured out right now. Your life plans will change about 100 times before you figure out what you want to do and who you are supposed to be. Let this happen – be malleable rather than fixed, and allow yourself to be molded by the experiences that await you.

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