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Sarah King graduated from NL in 2011.  She earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, and she completed a Juris Doctor degree from DePaul University College of Law in 2020.  She has worked in research and project management for The Institute for Research, Education, and Training in Addiction (IRETA), as well as The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago (NORC).  Currently, King is employed as an Attorney at Law at Romanucci and Blandin, LLC, which is one of Chicago’s top Plaintiff’s Personal Injury law firms.  Her ambitions have been driven by a passion for helping victims of many types of trauma.  King’s areas of practice include sexual violence, premises liability, MDL and Class Actions, medical malpractice, and nursing home neglect and abuse.  In addition, she is actively involved with the following groups: the Chicago Bar Association Young Lawyers Section, the Associate Board of Resilience, the American Legion, and Women Everywhere, Chicago.  Furthermore, King has founded an organization called the Chicago Law Lean In Circle.

King currently resides in Chicago, IL.  She is a fan of the drama series Scandal, and she has enjoyed traveling to six countries, which she credits as helping her to grow as a person.  King notes that she comes from a “long line of NL grads,” which includes her father (class of 1979), siblings, and cousins.  The thing that King most appreciated about her time at NL was that “NL gives you more than just an education. It provides opportunities to grow personally and develop skills you will use in your career and your life. Student Council with Mr. Saner was the number one thing that set me up for success, and I am forever grateful.”  The following is King’s advice for current NL students: Find yourself mentors, both within your profession and out. These are people you will lean on throughout your career and your life, people you will go to when you feel challenged both personally and professionally. "Adulting" is hard and no one prepares you for it. You will often find yourself at unexpected crossroads - that you don't have to face alone.  Finally, all the plans you have set out for yourself, I promise you, will change. I went into my post-education expecting to be a psychologist. I came out a lawyer. I went into law school expecting to work in health care. I came out a personal injury attorney. Life happens, opportunities present themselves, and things change - embrace the change and face it head on. 

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