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Skyler Garman


Skyler Garman graduated from NL in 2017. Garman’s road to success has been full of detours, starting with a plan to attend college in Florida for physical therapy. An offer from CarTech Manufacturing with a lucrative salary sidelined his original plan, but after three months of intense work schedules, Garman realized that path wasn’t sustainable. He decided to move to New York City, where he attended the Local 7 trade school in New York City to study union tile, marble, and terrazzo. While working in NYC, on the side Garman began to manage a supplement company, which aligned with his love for fitness. After saving up money by working overtime and extra shifts, he took a step of faith and moved back to PA to pursue a vision of opening his own supplement company. He found a retail space in Lebanon, which he renovated while working at a machining job. After a few months, at age 20, Garman was able to open the new store, Body Science Supplements, and he devoted himself full-time to its success. Within six months, his company had outgrown its 600 square foot space, and Garman was able to purchase a much larger building across the street. This space includes a warehouse, where he is in the process of building a gym.

Garman currently resides in Lebanon, PA with his sidekick, a French bulldog named Opie who spends his days at the store with Garman. Fitness and weightlifting continue to be Garman’s main passion and pastime, and he believes that being fit is an essential part of remaining authentic while marketing his products. Recently, Garman traveled to Iraq and Syria with a group from 5 Stones (a sports ministry), where he had the opportunity to put his faith into action by feeding and clothing some of the hundreds of thousands of displaced people in need. Garman made lasting friendships and was baptized in the Tigris river in Iraq. He looks forward to returning on another trip. The thing Garman appreciated most about his time at NL was having “a great handful of teachers that directly influenced my life and who I became as an adult. They went beyond their jobs… and took the time to learn about me and who I was as a person; they cared about where I was going and what I had planned, and they shaped me into a better person.” Garman also credits the shop department for teaching to his learning style, which allowed him to experience success, as well as the guidance counselors who listened to his needs. The following is Garman’s advice for current NL students: As your parents say, enjoy high school, some of the most fun, easiest times you’ll experience in your life. Don’t be afraid to be you and express your passions. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you work hard every day to be the best person you can be in all aspects of life. This world doesn’t owe you anything; if you want it, you work for it tenfold. Take advantage of what the school has to offer as well! You don’t need to move away to succeed, we need to plant our feet and make what’s around us better.

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