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Re-Opening Information

Important Documents for the Reopening of NL this fall:



Several community facilities have reached out to us to share opportunities for parents who have selected one of the virtual options this fall.  Below is the current list.  If you are aware of other opportunities to add to the list, please reach out to the District office at

Learning Mill - 

The Learning Mill has spots available for V3 students.  They have employed a former teacher to support students in grades K-8 that are enrolled in V3.  If you need daycare for your V3 student, please contact them.  Their contact information is available through their website. 


Noah and Company -

Noah and Company are providing daycare for middle school and elementary students enrolled in our virtual/livestream option.  They have a certified teacher employed to help with the monitoring of the students during the day.  Their contact information if is available through their website.  Please see their advertisement for openings. 


Kenbrook Bible Camp is offering opportunities for school age children to come during the day and get support for their online learning.  There is a minimal cost and parents only pay for the days that they attend.  To register, please go to

You will need to "create account" and add their student to enroll.

If you have questions, contact Kenny Lane at




August 5, 2020

Parents choosing the virtual (live-stream) option or the V3 option need to complete this form or call their building secretary by August 11.  

August 5, 2020

Dear Families,

Yesterday, the Northern Lebanon School District (NLSD) approved our instructional plan for 2020 – 2021 school year.  The results of our survey indicate that over 70 percent of our parents have a desire for in-person schooling.  Other families have an interest in a virtual solution or our V3 academy.  To best meet the needs of our families, we have created a plan that allows families options for their children. 

Upon approval of our Health and Safety plan at the August School Board meeting, the NLSD will implement the following option for the beginning of this year:


K-5 will begin on August 31 in Level II with all students present. Additional staff members will be added to reduce class sizes.  Students will have the option to attend virtually if they are not comfortable attending in-person.  Class sizes in most rooms will be less than 20.  Classes will be kept together and will eat lunches in classrooms.  Final numbers will be established after parents choose the option they want for their child.

Middle School and High School

Students will begin in Level II on August 31 in a hybrid model. We are calling this an A/B model. Half of the students will be present physically and the other half of the students will participate from home in synchronous live instruction via their devices on alternating days. We will install cameras and 360-degree microphones in classrooms.  Students will also have the option to attend completely from home if they desire.  In addition, some students will be invited to attend every day based on the specific needs of the student. 

The primary reason for starting in the hybrid model at MS / HS is that social distancing is very difficult in our large schools due to lunches, buses, and class changes. In an elementary environment, it is much more feasible to significantly curtail interactions and control the movement of students. Secondary students also have the ability to be left unsupervised by their parents and still participate in their classrooms from home utilizing technology that we have available. It is not possible for our elementary students to participate from home unless they have adequate supervision.

The full instruction plan is located on our website at:

At this time, we are asking parents to choose an option for how your child will return to school in the fall. You must notify the school if you are planning on attending virtually or enrolling in the V3 academy by August 11.  The options and how to choose each option are below:

·         In person instruction (parents do not need to do anything, students will be assigned busing and teachers)

·         Livestreaming (virtual) instruction from home (parents can fill out the form on the website above or call the building secretary); this may require picking up needed materials for lessons from the school

·         Enrollment in our V3 online academy (parents can fill out the form on the website above or call the building secretary)

If you have a secondary student and with a need to attend on a daily basis (i.e. no internet at home or an IEP) please notify your building secretary.

If you choose the virtual option or the V3 academy option, for continuity purposes and to lessen student transitions, we ask that you remain in this setting until September 30. 

Before you make a final decision on your child’s option, there are two questions that come up frequently that are addressed below.  Many other FAQs can be found at the website listed previously in this letter.

Mask Guidance

On July 1, 2020 the Department of Health issued a Face-Covering Order (“Mask Order”) that applies to schools in Pennsylvania as well.  Northern Lebanon will be following this order in that all students and staff will be required to wear a mask in the school setting.  If your child has an existing health condition that precludes them from wearing a mask, please contact your child’s guidance counselor before the start of the school year so the necessary documentation can be completed. If students are refusing to wear a mask for reasons outside of a preexisting condition, the student will be asked to put on a mask.  If the student does not comply, we will require the student to engage in virtual instruction until a meeting can be held and a plan created.


Social Distancing

The recommendation from the CDC about a six-foot distance at all times is not possible in every situation.  The Pennsylvania Department of Education has given schools guidance that they should seek to obtain the greatest amount of social distancing possible up to the recommended six feet.

Much of the guidance and mandates that we have received has changed throughout the summer.   We expect they will continue to change.  Please know that in the event of changing mandates or very specific guidance, this may change. 

July 13, 2020


Dear NL Families,

The past few weeks have been filled with questions about the re-opening of schools.  In response to PDE guidance, NL has been preparing plans for Health and Safety, Instruction, and Athletics for the 2020-2021 school year.  The Athletics plan has already been Board approved and the Health and Safety Plan as well as the Instruction Plan will be Board approved at the August meetings.  Parents, teachers, Board members, staff, and administrators have been involved in this process that has been time consuming but productive.  The plan is designed to the unique needs of Northern Lebanon while still meeting the requirements provided to us by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

Additionally, the superintendents of Lebanon County have been working together to provide some consistency between School Districts.  That document provides information on common goals that we all are working to achieve in our plans and can be found here.

Our first survey showed a variety of comfort levels with returning to school this fall and we realize that we will need to provide flexibility for families.  Our plans will be designed with that in mind.  Over the next few weeks, we will send out a second parent survey and continue to adjust our plan based on feedback from stakeholders.  Getting back to school is vitally important and doing so responsibly and safely is paramount. 

In the meantime, thank you for your continued partnership in helping us keep our our students safe and healthy as we navigate a reality none of us could have ever imagined.  

With Viking Pride,

Gary R. Messinger Jr., Superintendent

July 13, 2020 Video Message from Superintendent Gary Messinger

June Survey Results

June 24, 2020
Survey Information


Northern Lebanon families, please click here to complete a survey about re-opening in the fall.  This survey will remain open until June 30.  

Re-Opening Plans


As plans are completed for re-opening schools, they will be placed here.  Please check back for updates throughout the Summer.

Athletic Re-Opening Plan