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My name is Kristin Hoffer and I am currently working as the Title I reading specialist at East Hanover Elementary School. Prior to coming to East Hanover in 2007, I taught at Jonestown Elementary School for 12 years as a classroom teacher and reading specialist. Over the course of my teaching career, I've had the opportunity to teach in first, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade classrooms. I can't say that I have a favorite grade to teach as each one has unique characteristics that make it special. However, I can tell you that I definitely have a favorite subject to teach and that is READING!!

Years ago when I was student teaching in a third grade classroom, I had an opportunity to observe the school's reading specialist. After that observation, I was hooked! I went on to further my education and received a Master's Degree in Reading Education along with Reading Specialist Certification from Millersville University in 1999. Since that time, I have earned 60 additional graduate credits in the field of education, mostly in the area of literacy, which is my passion.

Parents, Please see below for general tips, links to helpful articles, and recommended websites!

Information for Parents

Children look to their parents as their very first teachers and role models. Making reading a part of the family's routine can foster the attitude that reading is both fun and worthwhile.

Here are some ideas for aiding your child's success with this important skill:

  • Talk with your children. Encourage them to tell you about their school day, what they do with their friends, what they see when you shop together, what they are thinking, what they have seen, read, or heard; just about anything will do. They will model their language on yours, learning new words, and learning how to express their thoughts in ways that others can clearly understand them. Spend as much time listening to your children as you do talking.
  • Encourage a love of language. Have fun with rhymes and riddles. Let children supply rhyming words in poems. Make a silly game of it.
  • Let your child see that reading is important. For young children, point out printed words on signs while traveling in your car, in the doctor's office, and in the grocery store. When your child is able, encourage him to read these aloud, along with directions to games, the labels on cereal boxes, and nearly anything in print. Draw attention to the reading you do as you follow a recipe or as you build or assemble something for your home.
  • Read to your child and with your child. Help your child to discover that reading is enjoyable at any age.

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Links to Websites

Epic books

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  • http://www.getepic.com

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Clifford the Big Red Dog

Book Adventure

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  • http://www.bookadventure.com/

Discovery Education

JumpStart World of Learning

Wikipedia Free Online Encyclopedia

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  • Includes free educational games, online books, and comics. This site was created for kids age preschool through grade 8 and includes math as well as reading! Kids can read a variety of popular books and comics on the site including Diary of a Wimpy Kid!
  • http://www.funbrain.com/brain/ReadingBrain/Reading...

PBS Kids

  • Fun reading and writing activities for kids! Also includes recommended books and tips to get your kids motivated to read!
  • http://pbskids.org/lions/