Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a student lunch? A student lunch costs $2.35 Reduced Lunch is $.40 (if you qualify) Adult Lunch is $3.50.

What if we want to go on vacation during the school year? You must secure a form from the office 2 weeks in advance of your trip. Students are permitted 5 days of excused absence during the school year. If the trip is longer than 5 days, those days could be considered unexcused. The secondary Request for Excused Absence form is also located on the main district homepage listed under forms

When my child is absent do I still need to call the absentee hotline, even though I'm receiving automated messages? If you do not want to receive those automated messages you should call the hotline. If your child is tardy you may still get an automated phone call that the child is absent. Please call the school any time you feel uncomfortable about getting that message and you think your child is in school. Please remember that a written attendance note is required to be submitted within 3 days of the date of absence.

How many unexcused absences may my child have? After 3 unlawful days of absence, there is danger of further action, including fines.