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College Planning Timeline

Applying to college can be a difficult process if not planned out. There are several steps to applying to a college and it starts with choosing a college and a major. Planning begins as early as 9th grade when students choose courses and electives. Use the helpful college planning timeline as a guide. Copies are available in the Guidance Office and have been distributed in Homerooms in September.

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Sophomore Year-Planning Guide

Junior Year-Planning Guide

Senior Year-Planning Guide

career zone

Pennsylvania Career Zone is a career exploration website with career information relevant to the state of Pennsylvania. Take self-assessments and personality inventories, explore careers by industry and understand household budgeting. Create an account to customize the experience and to create a personalized career portfolio that will follow you all four years.


Search for colleges using CollegeBoard offers endless resources to help the college-bound student plan for their future. Visit the Majors & Careers link to explore various majors or use the College Matchmaker tool to narrow down colleges based on criteria such as size, cost, major and location. Create an account and save college search results to your profile or receive an SAT question of the day.

CollegeBoard is also the organization that created and administers the SAT, college entrance exam, so if you are planning to take the exam, register at

ed planner

Education Planner is another great career and college planning website that offers advise and easy-to-understand resources that will come in handy when approaching graduation. Visit and locate financial aid information or complete a college search.


The US Department of Labor is a comprehensive website offering employment information at all ends of the work spectrum. The Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) is a book released annually by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It provides relevant facts about jobs in the US and also offers tips and employment projections.

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