Middle School Life

Clubs and activities available for Middle School students:

Band - Mr. Kevin Poole

Chess Club - Mr. Ryan Stewart

Chorus - Mrs. Autumn Deck

Enviro-thon - Mrs. Jen Weneck and Mrs. Tricia Schafebook

Mini-thon - Mr. Ben Baird

National Jr. Honor Society - Mr. Ryan Stewart

Quiz Bowl - Mr. Ryan Stewart

Valiant Vikes - Mrs. Laura Wiest 

Service Club - Mr. Joshua Wagner

Ski Club - Mrs. Laura Wiest

Student Council - Mrs. Sonya Randall

Yearbook Advisor - Mrs. Sonya Randall

Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Club - Mr. Russell Wallace (student leader: Easton Zohner)

Cooking Club - Mrs. Amanda Frye

Random Acts of Kindness - Miss Chelsea Moyer

Bible Club - Mr.  Joshua Wagner

Dungeons and Dragons  Club - Mr. Nicholas Watson (student leaders: Bryce Deiter and Jeffrey Cyphers)

Agriculture Club - Mrs. Jessica Barnhart (student leader: Ada Martin)