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Elementary Countdown to Opening

As we get closer to the opening of the new Elementary School, we wanted to give you an idea of what will be happening over the next few months.  As each month passes, we will also attach pictures for you to see.  You can also see visual updates that we have been posting over the past year by clicking here.



June - final installation of flooring in common areas, furniture arriving, touch-up painting, blind installation, trees/shrubbery, final blacktop, clean-up



May - Elementary teachers and staff will begin touring the building, seeding of grass, continuing on sidewalk work, completion of Learning Stairs, ceiling tiles, continuation of drywall work, remaining painting, flooring, finishing window installation and outside doors


April - final grading on outside, sidewalks starting, continued cabinet installation, remaining painting, flooring installation, outside window installation, beginning door and kitchen installation:


March - cleanup of outside, starting with glass on the outside of the building, painting in grades 1-4, beginning cabinetry installation in grade 6, flooring in 5/6 and Kindergarten wings, HVAC and electrical installation






July - punch-list items, final electrical panel delivery and installation, inspections

August - occupancy, teachers preparing rooms, open house!

A message from Dr. Messinger, Superintendent:

So far, we are very pleased with how our new building is coming together and taking shape. We have no concerns about the majority of the items on the timetable listed above.  The biggest obstacle/concern left is the timely delivery of the electrical panel in July without it being delayed.  We won't know that until the beginning of July but appears to be the biggest hurdle to this timeline.   A short delay will still be ok.  We will update monthly as we continue to get closer!