Welcome Northern Lebanon Parents, Students, & Community Members!

Northern Lebanon School District is proud to offer an online, engaging, and flexible learning environment. Our program is available for both full-time students in grades K-12 and part-time students in grades 6 -12.

V3 Academy Information:

  • Students are offered a personalized digital curriculum that correlates with PA common core standards. 
  • The V3 Academy utilizes some of the same learning platforms that our public cyber charter counterparts currently implement. This will provide NL students a multitude of different learning options. These include: AP courses, Honors courses, various content course options, elementary electives, MS/HS electives, 3 languages, career electives, and credit recovery course options.
  • NL Teachers are accessible for assistance with course content (based on individual teachers schedules and availability). Students are encouraged to interact with their online peers, as well as, their teachers on a regular basis.
  • V3 is a flexible, self-paced program that can be done anywhere, at any time. Students are not restricted to a certain time of the day that they must be online. Students are in complete control of their own learning, but must hand work in before scheduled due dates. 
  • We offer dedicated NL teachers, a virtual coordinator, school administers, and school counselors to all students. 
  • Each student receives a laptop and is provided with online technical support, as well as, device technical support.
  • All elementary K-5 students will be provided with workbooks (consumable) for core courses. These are to be used for supplemental support and extended practice of newly learned skills. 
  • Students may still participate in ALL Northern Lebanon School District activities at each building level. V3 students can participate in graduation ceremonies, field trips, attend prom, school dances, musicals, band and chorus, receive a Northern Lebanon High School Diploma, and compete in district athletics along with many other activities our district offers.