Summer School Information

High School Credit Recovery Summer School

Initial Course Date: June 22, 2020

Completion Date: August 17, 2020


  • This is a credit recovery option for students in grades 9-12 who have failed one or more courses during the school year. 
  • This option provides students the opportunity to take a shorter version of a course, rather than waiting until the following school year and retaking a full course. 
  • The credit recovery course begins with a pre-test. This test allows students to show their knowledge and test out of some content within the course. However, at the conclusion of the course they will be tested on all materials, even those that they did not need to review. **If a student has already mastered a section of material, upon final testing they should be successful in those content areas within the test. 
  • In order to take credit recovery courses (shorter version) over the summer the fee this year (20-21) is:
    • $55.00 per course (This is the students/parents responsibility if they choose to retake over the summer).
    • Otherwise students can re-take a full course the following school year at no charge. **Please be aware this option will increase your child's workload and could potential delay graduation dates.


Summer Credit Recovery Courses Offered in 2020

  1. Algebra 1
  2. Algebra 2
  3. American History
  4. Biology
  5. Chemistry
  6.  Civics
  7. Government
  8. Economics (Core Elective)
  9. World Geography & Cultures (Core Elective)
  10.  Consumer Math (Equal to NLSD Math Essentials)
  11.  Geometry
  12. Health
  13. Physical Education
  14. English 9
  15. English 10
  16. English 11
  17. English 12
  18. Physical Science (Equal to NLSD Essential Science, Survey of Science, Science Applications)
  19. World History
  20. Pre-Calculus
  21. Physics
  22. Earth Science (Core Elective)
  23. Art Appreciation (Free Elective)
  24. Art History (Core Elective)
  25. Character Development (Free Elective)
  26. Child Development (Free Elective)
  27. Marine Science (Core Elective)
  28. Paleontology (Core Elective)
  29. Renewable Energy (Core Elective)
  30. Psychology (Core Elective)
  31. Sociology (Core Elective)
  32. Space Exploration (Core Elective)
  33. Media & Communications (Free Elective)
  34. Medicine (Free Elective)
  35. Study Skills & Strategies (Free Elective)
  36. Theater Studies (Free Elective)

For More Information:

Please contact your guidance counselors at:



Tarah Gross, Virtual Coordinator

cell- (717) 673-4669



Registration for Summer Credit Recovery Courses begins....

Thursday May 21st, 2020- Friday June 19th, 2020

Late Registration Date:  Friday June 26, 2020